Whilst Metal Mart has been operating in Canberra for over thirty years; the scrap metal industry itself is much older. Almost all developed countries around the world are involved in this multi billion dollar business in one way or another, but what are the real benefits?

  • Scrapping metal means many re-useable products do not make it to landfill, with many councils and governments already have major problems when it comes to dealing with their rubbish; taking metals out of the equation makes this a lot more manageable. It is also better for the environment to keep these products out of landfill.
  • Recycling electronic devices eliminates them going into the ground, thus minimizing the pollution risk in the long run. Toxic substances such as cadmium, lead and mercury can leach into the surrounding soil, this has the potential to end up in our water ways and air.
  • The only other way to get metal is through mining, this is an expensive process. Recycling metal means that the costs for the industry stays down and companies are able to employ more people. The less mining done now is also better for future generations.
  • Anyone can make real money selling scrap metal, we aren’t talking about a few cents selling some old soda cans; tradies, mums, dads and pretty much anyone can sell products ranging from copper wire, car batteries, even your old washing line to a scrap buyers who will pay real money.
  • Selling or even giving scrap metal to a scrap yard is often more viable then having to pay to dispose or paying someone to collect your old large items. Whilst a lot of places do not offer a pick-up service, most will almost always take your steel free of charge.