Note: Prices may vary slightly based on the quality of your scrap, for the most accurate pricing please bring your products in.

Metal Mart are not currently accepting white good appliances as scrap metal, we apologise for any inconvenience.


Bright Copper Wire - Clean, uncoated, shiny copper wire - No attachments or tinned ends. No hair wire$6.00
Bright Copper Pipe - Clean Cu tube, busbar, greasy wire - free of solder or paint - No Cad or trolley wire$5.70
Burnt Copper - 94% Cu min, laquered Cu wire, coated or tinned Cu, soldered joints - No Brass.$5.00
Domestic Copper - 90% Cu minimum with minimal brass or plastic or rubber attached.$4.50
Gun Solids - Gunmetal castings - Free of Iron, bronzes, pyro or non metallics.$3.00
Brass - Clean castings, rod, sheet - free of iron or non metallic. Brass shells must be segregated.$4.20
Coast Brass - Brass with steel or foreign attachments - max 15%$2.00
Insulated Copper Wire - (Heavy) - Insulated copper wire with minimum 65% copper content$2.80
Insulated Copper Wire – (Light) - Data & communication cable, industrial wiring, vehicle wiring without plugs or attachments.$1.80
Copper Ally – (Clean)$2.60
Copper Ally – (Dirty)$1.80
Radiators – Clean - Copper / Brass Radiators, clean & free of iron and aluminum$3.30
Radiators – Dirty - Copper / Brass radiators with iron bands attached, but no fans or rubber hoses$2.25


Extruded Ally - Extruded Aluminum sections, painted or clean, free of contaminates.$1.20
Clean Sheet - Aluminum sheet & plate, new, clean & unpainted. No foil.$1.00
Domestic Ally - Used & coated aluminum scrap sheet & pans, pots etc...$0.70
Cast Ally - Aluminum casings, free of steel & other contaminates$0.70
Ally Wire - Pure aluminum wire or cable free of steel and insulation.$1.40
Cans - Aluminum Cans, free of all contaminates$0.80
Ally Swarf - Aluminum swarf/turnings, free of steel & excessive oils$0.55
Irony Ally - 50% recovery aluminium$0.20
Extruded dirty Ally - Extruded Aluminum sections. With some contaminates$0.70


Stainless Steel - Mixed 300 series, non magnetic stainless swarf$0.85
Lead - clean lead sheets and solids$1.60
Batteries - Car and other similar batteries$0.40
Steel - General Steel$0.03
Greasy Insulated Wire - Dirty insulated wire$0.70
Alloy Wheels$1.20
Circuit Boards - Electronic boards from computers and other electricals$POA
Electric Motors - no attachments, no circuit boards$0.30
Catalytic Converters - from any make of car$25

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