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We stock a large range of Rectangle Hollow Section pipe in both painted and gal. Sizes start at 20mm all the way up to 150mm. If you need something bigger we can get that too, thicknesses of our pipes start at 1.6mm and depending on the size of the pipe can range up to 9mm. If we don’t have it in stock we can get it.


Our flatbars are always in stock ready to go. Regardless of the size of your project we will have what you need, we stock everything from 10×3 up to 300×12 and everything in between. Flatbars are available in Gal or Steel and the length varies from 1m to 6m. Like all our products we can cut to size.


We have a wide range of steel and gal angles in stock from 20mm up to 150mm with varying sizes of thickness. Depending on the product the length of these vary from 6.5m to 9m in. The more common sizes of Angle are also on our pre-cut racks in a 2 or 3m length for your convenience.

Reo Bar & Mesh

Reo bar is available in 12mm or 16mm in both full lengths and peg sizes. We always have plenty of these in stock, reo mesh is also available in sheeting or rolls depending on the application required. As always if we don’t have it in stock we can easily get it for you.

Floor Plates & Sheeting

Coreten, Zinc sheets, Tread Plate, Aluminum Plate, you name it we have it. Our Sheeting selection is huge and always in stock. Please call or email us for the exact sizes required, if it is a project out of the ordinary we can get our sheets cut to size. We also get in one off specials such as walkway mesh, perforated sheeting and other goodies at times.


Whether you are trying to keep something in, or something out we will have a mesh to suit your needs. With square sizes from 25mm upwards even smaller animals won’t get through these. With sheets as big as 3m x 2.4m you could make a truly spectacular enclosure or fence with what we have.

Dog Enclosures

Our made to order dog enclosures are a must have for any pet owner. We will work with you to create something that fits your needs and budget. Come in and have a look at what we have for an idea if you are planning on installing one at your place.

Groove Tube

This DIY product is perfect for decks, pergolas, car ports or any similar project. Eliminating the need for welding; Groove tube is ideal for those who are looking for a more budget and time friendly option to completing their next project.


We have a big range of medium gal, medium painted and extra light gal pipe in stock. Starting at 15nb we have a full range up to 100nb. Larger sizes are also available upon request. Regardless of the quantity or the size you need we can do it for you.

Square and Round Bar

Regardless of your needs we have you covered for Round Bar and Square Bar. Our suppliers manufacture these above Australian standards and come in a range of sizes from 10mm to 33mm. Check with us to see if we can get a size me may not carry.

Aluminum Products

Our range of Aluminum products include flat bars, angle, pipe and practically everything we have in steel. Our suppliers can get almost anything aluminum to us in a short space of time, so if we don’t have it we can certainly get it. Like our other products we can cut these to the size you need.

Roofing Orders

We have a close relationship with our roofing suppliers, as such we can provide you with a full range of roofing and guttering products at great prices. Available in Zinc and Colorbond; we can provide quotes and orders for jobs as small as one panel to a whole house! As these are not a stocked item please give as much notice as possible when ordering.


A purlin is a horizontal beam along the length of a roof, we keep these in stock in both 100mm and 150mm. If you need one length or multiple we can help you out.

Chain Wire

Chain Wire rolls are available in stock of sizes from 600 up to 1800 high, we can also obtain bigger rolls if needed. The standard length of these rolls is 15m. Wire thicknesses vary for your needs and can be found in grey or black.

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