Due to our extensive buying power and large industry contacts we always have a series of great specials available in store, the ones posted here are just some of the best we have available right now. Please note that some of these products may be sold by the time you enquire about them.

Dog Cage


Keep your dog or other pets safe and secure with our high quality dog cage. Pets can be one of the best additions to any family, however; there are those times when your pets need to be kept in a safe enclosed environment. Having a BBQ or a birthday party for a child? Now you don’t need to worry about your dog claiming all the best cuts of meat from the barbie, or digging into the birthday cake! This outdoor pet enclosure is suitable for most kinds of pets, including rabbits, guinea pigs or ferrets.

3400L x 1475W x 2050H

Posted : 20th July 2017


Solar Gate Opener


Solar electric automatic gate opener. Ideal automatic driveway gate or farm gate operator powered by the sun and with remote gate opener system – swing gate action.

Posted : 21st July 2017


Uni-Pier is a superior pier replacing brick piers, concrete or timber stumps or painted steel posts.

Uni-Piers are non-combustible and will not rot, warp, shrink or harbour termites.

2 sizes available, 65×65 and 75×75.

$35 each

Posted : 27th of July 2017

ERW 65nb

2 bundles of 19 lengths downgrade ERW 65nb, or 76.1mm OD.

6700mm long


Posted : 28th of July 2017

Aluminium Clearance


Price available in store.

Posted : 2nd of August 2017

*no sales on aluminium sheets

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